Citations and links
Unfortunately I don't speak German, so the text I will be working from is the 1962 translation of Being and Time by John Macquarrie and Edward Robinson. The full citation is:

Heidegger, Martin (2000), Being and Time, John Macquarrie & Edward Robinson (trans), London: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

If you wish to cite this document I suggest:

Munday, Roderick (2007) "Being and Time an Explication and Commentary," html document, URL:

Additional references will be given at the end of the various sections. However there are some useful online respources that I think all students of Heidegger should be aware of. For those who are, like me, bereft of a classical education, there is a great web page, that provides translations for all of the ancient Greek terms quoted in Heidegger's text.

Some knowledge of the basics of the Greek alphabet and pronunciation are also useful. This site provides a clear introduction to both.

Finally an excellently succinct and clear synopsis of Being and Time is given by Benjamin Walters. here.

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