Creative commons issues
I will be referring extensively to Heidegger's Being and Time (very much a copyrighted text). Users are advised that any quotations of that work which appear here, do so under the normal conditions of scholarship and should not be copied or distributed. However, I claim no copyright privileges for the work that is mine. You are free to download and use this as you wish. But before anyone gets carried away, I want to make it clear that a commitment to open-sourcing does not mean that I condone plagiarism of my work or anyone else's. It would be a sour irony indeed if I were to accused of copying information cribbed from these pages. Therefore, please cite this document if you refer to it. Any discussions that happen here will be archived, so that they can also be cited by myself and others.

Suggested citation:

Munday, Roderick (2007) "Being and Time an Explication and Commentary," html document, URL:

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