Online discussions
I have decided to share these thoughts online. I hope they might provoke some interesting discussions/debates? This approach to research is part of a wider project for me to open-up certain aspects of my life/work for others to read, discuss and influence. See my blog site, Synthetic Knowledge, For More details. The guiding principles for this approach comes from the open-source model of computing. Open source was pioneered by hackers at MIT in the 1960s(see Steven Levy's Hackers). It is also proving very successful in other areas, for example, Wikipedia - the open-source encyclopaedia.

However, I want to dispel any thoughts that I am writing an open-source doctoral thesis. This is definitely not the case. For a start, I don't think my supervisors would be very happy if I presented something that wasn't totally my own work. But I am looking forward to discussing and debating the ideas and issues surrounding the thesis in an open forum such as this. back to Being and Time document