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Aprill 29 2001:

kckh.html: Unfortunately Katharina has asked me to remove the her FAQ for the time being.

March 7 2001:

Question 10: What is Danny Lloyd, the little boy from The Shining, doing now?
Question 52: Nicole Kidman offers a plausible explanation why Kubrick demanded so many takes of his actors.

October 15 2001:

kckh.html: Update to Katharina Kubrick Hobbs FAQ of her posts to amk over the last 12 months.

July 25 2001:

Question 47: What is the CRM-114 thing? - now includes the quote from the source novel "Red Alert" which mentions the CRM.

July 17 2001:

Question 51: What happened to the models from 2001?
Exclusive pictures thanks to Trevor Parsons.
Question 50: Who was behind the digital censorship of Eyes Wide Shut?
Question 11: Updated answer on aspect ratios that takes account of new information.

February 13 2001:

Question 20: New information about the source for the title Eyes Wide Shut. Thanks to Mike Jackson.

February 5 2001:

Question 10: Update as to what Danny Lloyd is doing now. Thanks to Chappy Taylor and Tim Harden for the information.

January 10 2001:

Question 25: Kubrick's breathing heard on the sound track of 2001 & his voice on the radio in The Shining. Thanks to Katharina Kubrick Hobbs and Gordon Stainforth for the information.

November 15 2000:

kckh.html: Update to Katharina Kubrick Hobbs FAQ of her recent posts to amk.

October 5 2000:

Question 28: Kubrick's stance on drugs
Question 48: The truth about Kubrick's "lost" film, "World Assembly of Youth."
Question 49: What are "non-submersible units?"

August 28 2000:

New look: Major upgrade and redesign of the FAQ. An index section has been added, which includes a keyword index and question finder.

May 17 2000:

kckh.html: In a major new section Katharina Kubrick Hobbs answers over 80 questions put to her by members of alt.movies.kubrick. See the contents section.

May 14 2000:

Question 1: Gordon Stainsforth's opinions on the helicopter shadow in The Shining
Question 7: Some quotes added about HAL and IBM

May 7 2000:

Question 15: Jan Harlan's recent comments to the UK Guardian on AI.
Question 16: Jan Harlan's recent comments to the UK Guardian on Aryan Papers.
Question 22: Added the authorized Kubrick site (Kubrickfilms.com) to the links section.

March 28 2000:

Question 23: Michael Herr's insightful comments about Raphael's book -"Eyes Wide Open" have been added.

March 18 2000:

Question 12: The ending of the 27 year ban from showing A Clockwork Orange in the UK means this answer has been updated."
Question 28: This question on how to see A Clockwork Orange in the UK has been removed as recent events have made it irrelevant

December 13 1999:

Question 23: Expansion of the Kubrick books section to include Alexander Walker's "Stanley Kubrick Director" and James Howard's "The Stanley Kubrick Companion."

December 10 1999:

The Shining: A major new section on the Shining containing 32 questions and answers

December 1 1999:

Question 15: Hans Morevec, author of Mind Children, tells of his involvement with AI

October 9 1999:

Question 18: A few more EWS connections
Question 26: Katharina Kubrick Hobbs' on her father's favourite films.
Question 47: Speculations on the significance of CRM 114.

October 5 1999:

Question 46: The Favourite Kubrick movies of notable film directors as published by the French magazine Positif - thanks to Denis
Question 45: The recognition Kubrick received from his peers
Question 34: More on the Pink Floyd/2001 non-connection courtesy of James Howard's new book 'The Stanley Kubrick Companion'
Question 32: Some quotes from Michel Ciment on Kubrick's approach to screen writing.
Question 16: Some new information has been added to Kubrick's abandoned projects about the Mosby Ranger film and the Lieutenant General project work on by Harris/Kubrick Productions.
Question 29: A Kubrick crazy stare in Eyes Wide Shut - thanks to Mark Ervin.

September 29 1999:

Question 18: Some connections between Eyes Wide Shut and other Kubrick films
Question 25: Kubrick's non-appearence in Eyes Wide Shut.

September 6 1999:

Question 30: A review of Paul Joyce's excellent film, The Last Movie: Stanley Kubrick & Eyes Wide Shut.
Question 12: The reason for Kubrick's banning of A Clockwork Orange is revealed by his widow and a quote from Terry Semel.
Question 15: Some new information on AI revealed Terry Semel quote and Jan Harlan on Spielberg's involvement.

September 3 1999:

Question 12: The reason ACO was banned in the UK - Thanks to Andrew Foley.
Question 23: Beefed up sections on the best Kubrick biography including Eyes Wide Open and a quote from Christiane and Katharina Kubrick taken from the Sight and Sound interview.
Question 16: Some extra abandoned projects have been added and info on some of the others added to.
Question 20: Benjamin Frankling quote on marriage added to EWS title section - Thanks to Jason Oost.
Question 30: Paul Joyce quote on the invisible man film added.