Excerpt from: The New York Times - 4 July 1999

Title: What They Say About Stanley Kubrick

Adam Baldwin (actor; featured in "Full Metal Jacket")

We were a group of green actors mostly. He had his own private little war going on there. He didn't have a lot of respect for any of us. He would have us crawl in the asbestos and the coal dust and not care if we got hurt. I figured, get in there and get dirty. But a couple of guys got sick of it.

We'd do a series of five or six takes and we'd go look at it on video playback, and he'd say: "Don't stand here. Don't go that far into the frame. See, you're out of focus here." He was very much concerned with what the picture looked like. I found after a couple of months that it was a great luxury to be able to work at that pace -- you could do it as many times as he wanted. There was one scene where we were sitting on a wall and the tanks are firing off in the distance. We ended up doing that for three and a half weeks -- one scene.

....One of the things we did to kill time was play chess, play hearts, smoke cigarettes. We would lay out the board and he would kind of waddle over and wipe you out in 15 moves. One time I actually got him to blunder and I won the game -- big deal, 1 out of 50. But I said: "Hah, I got ya, I got ya. You have to resign now." And he said to me: "The only reason you won, Adam, is because I have so little respect for your game that I made a blunder. Now get back to work." He had that little wry grin of his and walked away.