Excerpt from: The New York Times - 4 July 1999

Title: What They Say About Stanley Kubrick

Louis Blau (attorney; lawyer for Kubrick, 1958-1999)

He did "2001: A Space Odyssey" because he didn't think that a truly scientific science-fiction picture had ever been made. Most of them, he thought, if not all, were fantasy fiction. He told me he was going to start reading and try to come up with something. He started from scratch and before he was finished, he knew enough to speak on a level with the great astronomers of the world, many of whom he knew on a first-name basis.

....People think his secrecy indicated some terrible aberration. It was totally logical because he takes a long time to make a picture.

At one point, he made a handsome, well-earned deal for a picture and said, "You know, I'm glad they don't know I would do this thing for nothing if I had to."

....Stanley told Vincent D'Onofrio the night before a scene, "I want you to be big -- Lon Chaney big." They shot the scene in three takes and as they sat playing back the tape, Vincent and Stanley were seated next to each other. And after the third take was seen, Stanley took his fist and gently rubbed it against Vincent D'Onofrio. Vincent has never forgotten that -- it was the approval from Kubrick.

....(on Stanley Kubrick's funeral) The most unique burial ceremony was done with utmost taste and in typical Kubrick fashion. He's buried among his animals: dogs, cats, squirrels.