Excerpt from: The New York Times - 4 July 1999

Title: What They Say About Stanley Kubrick

Mary Day Lanier (potter; a production assistant on "Lolita")

You mentioned a book, he immediately got a pencil and wrote down the name. He called one time and said, "Come out for a drink right away." I had just come back from art school -- I was covered in clay: "I need to shower." He said, "No, no, you haven't been digging ditches," so I went. I never thought of contradicting him.

If anybody had any problems they couldn't face, he would gently coax them through it. James Mason got the most terrible eczema on his hands when something came too close to home for him. He had to hide his hands because they were totally swelled up, but Stanley knew exactly how to be very gentle. He shut down the set -- he talked to him for a long time. He was fascinated by other people -- that's why he had this power. He and Jim Harris were very close. They used to talk about stuff a lot.