Excerpt from: The New York Times - 4 July 1999

Title: What They Say About Stanley Kubrick

Richard Anderson (actor; producer; dialogue coach and actor on "Paths of Glory")

He had dark circles under his eyes, his hair all over the place. Stanley was a pro at chess -- he'd sit down and play chess on the set. He was very interested in people's motives, people's psyches.

....Stanley was really smitten with Christiane. He said he had never experienced anything like this before.

....One time when Kirk Douglas blew up at him on the set, Stanley said, "Jeez, Kirk, you don't have to do this in front of everybody, do you?" But he admired Kirk. He said, "My God, this guy always knows his lines." Stanley is very psychological to get what he wants. One time he had done about 40 takes and Jimmy Harris comes and says, "Stanley, it's now 1 o'clock and we're in terrible trouble and we gotta break this up." That was the only time I saw Stanley go nuts. He shouted, "It isn't right -- and I'm going to keep doing it until it is right!" He shot 84 takes. I think he wanted everybody to hear that -- he wanted it to get around.