Excerpt from: The New York Times - 4 July 1999

Title: What They Say About Stanley Kubrick

Steve Southgate (V.P. in charge of European technical operations for Warner Brothers; worked on all Kubrick pictures from "A Clockwork Orange" on)

He was one person in the film industry who knew how the film industry worked -- in every country in the world. He knew all of the dubbing people, the dubbing directors, the actors, he had relationships with foreign directors who would supervise his work because he couldn't be there to supervise himself. We had to go around to every cinema to make sure the projection lights were right, the sound was correct, the ratios were right, the screens were clean.

He seemed to work 24 hours a day. We used to get calls all hours of the night. He could be very difficult but not in a difficult way. If you ever got chewed out by Stanley on the phone you knew you'd been chewed out. He never screamed or yelled but he had this wonderful manner and a sort of lovely New York drawl to his voice that you knew you were being carpeted. If he had any criticism of his film, he took it terribly personally. It was body and soul to him.

....We have a lady in France who supervises all the dubbing for Stanley, and she was heavily pregnant at the time and she'd got everything virtually finished, the dubbing was all done, the mixing was all done, and she went into labor. And she was in labor for 10 or 12 hours and Kubrick called her in the middle of the labor. And she was screaming the answers back.

.... Two days before he died, he sent me over to Las Vegas with the first trailer of "Eyes Wide Shut" for the Sho West convention. As it was the first time ever that anyone was going to see anything from the movie, he wanted to make sure that the projection was perfect. He gave me specific instructions: we had to clear the room at 3 o'clock in the morning, make sure everybody was gone and just the projectionist and I rehearsed it. The last conversation I had was: "I trust you to go and do this in Vegas. Let me know how everybody reacts. Ring me during the screening -- take your mobile phone -- I want to hear what the reaction is." And while I was on the plane, he died.