Excerpt from: The New York Times - 4 July 1999

Title: What They Say About Stanley Kubrick

Shelley Winters (actress; co-star of "Lolita")

He was very cognizant that actors are delicate. He would discuss the scene with you and you never thought you were being directed until you saw the rushes the next day. You almost said, "Gee, wasn't I clever to think of that?" But it was Stanley who had sort of planted it very subtly in your head. Like the dance I did with James Mason -- a sexy sort of South American dance -- he didn't really tell me to make a sexy dance. I decided to flirt with him while I was dancing in a sexy way and he said, "That's it." He was very elusive. Sometimes you might rehearse and you didn't even know he was watching. He'd be off somewhere, sort of hidden, watching.