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Essays & Articles

Excerpt from Cinema 2: The Time Image by Gilles Deleuze
Excerpts from The Wolf at the Door: Stanley Kubrick, History, and the Holocaust by Geoffrey Cocks
The Country of the Mind in Kubrick's Fear and Desire by Jason Sperb
The Herd and Self-Reflexiveness by David Gerrard
On Viewing The Killing by Jules N. Binoculas
Three Essays on Spartacus by Duncan L. Cooper
Two Views of Lolita by Robert Stam and Thomas Allen Nelson
A Commentary on Dr. Strangelove by Brian Siano
Kubrick's Psychopaths by Gordon Banks
Just what the Doctor Ordered... by Jeremy Boxen
Dr. Strangelove by Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi
Last Secrets of Strangelove Revealed Grant B. Stillman
Kubrick and The Fantastic by Michel Ciment
2001 and the Motif of The Voyage by Claudia Zimny
2001: Margaret Stackhouse's Reflections
2001: A Progressive Analysis by Sandra Venturini
2001: A Cold Descent by Mark Crispin Miller
2001: A critical analysis of the film score by Dariusz Roberte
2001 and the Philosophy of Nietzsche by Don MacGregor
2001: Some Thoughts by Roderick Munday
2001: Design & Meaning by Mark Martel
Extracts from "Moonwatcher's Memoir" by Arthur C Clark & Dan Ricter
2001: Compared to'2010' by John Morgan
2001: The Case for Hal's Sanity by Clay Waldrop
2001: Random Insights by Barry Krusch
2001's "Hotel Sequence" by Derek Rose
AI: "My Year with Stanley" by Sara Maitland
The Clockwork Orange Controversy by Christian Bugge
UK Clock ticks again for Kubrick's Orange by James Howard
A Clockwork Naartjie: Censorship of Kubrick in SA by Craig Clarke
The Cultural Productions of A Clockwork Orange by Janet Staiger
The Aestheticization of Violence by Alexander Cohen
Barry Lyndon Reconsidered by Mark Crispin Miller
Kubrick's Anti Reading of "The Luck of Barry Lyndon" by Mark Crispin Miller
Barry Lyndon: The Shape of Things to Come by Bilge Ebiri
Narrative and Discourse in Barry Lyndon by Michael Klein
Reappraising Kubrick's The Shining by Brian Siano
On History, Simulation and Barry Lyndon by Jean Baudrillard
Thoughts On Reading Kubrick's The Shining by Kian Bergstrom
Historicism in The Shining by Frederic Jameson
On The Helecopter Shadow inThe Shining by Jeff Blyth
On The Helecopter Shadow inThe Shining by Greg MacGillivray
A Review of Room 237 by Rod Munday

Kubrick, King, and the Ultimate Scare Tactic by Michael Dare
Full Metal Jacket as Genre Film by Brian Siano
Full Metal Jacket by Bill Krohn
Introducing Sociology by Tim Kreider
Eyes Wide Shut and the Lacanian Real by Slavoj Zizek
Animals in My Head': Kubrick's Preoccupation with Bathrooms by Jeff Westerman
Stanley Kubrick: The New Humanist by Rupert Lister
Stanley Kubrick: By Means of Music by Tony Palmer new button

Debate & Discussion

Regarding Full Metal Jacket, a Newsgroup Discussion
Ryan O'Neal as Barry Lyndon, a Newsgroup Discussion
The 'Youth Culture' of 2001, a Newsgroup Discussion
Stanley Kubrick and Modernism a Newsgroup Discussion
The Jungian Thing: Duality in Full Metal Jacket, a Newsgroup Discussion
Kubrick and the Individual by Barry Krusch & Harry Mehlman
Dr. Strangelove's 'Erection' by Alec Kerala-Lee & J. Kastorf
Barry Lyndon: Passion's Epitaph by Geoffrey Alexander & Bilge Ebiri
The Shining and Transcendence by Tim Fulmer & Rod Munday

Reviews & Press Materials

Brian Siano reviews LoBrutto's "Kubrick: A Biography"
"Psychedelic Fascism" / The Hechinger Debacle
The Harvard Crimson Review of 2001 (1968)
After Man by Penelope Gilliatt
Three Reviews of 2001 by Joseph Gelmis
Three Perspectives on 2001 by Morris Beja et al.
Apeman, Superman by Leon Stover
A Review of 2001 by Ed Emshwiller
A Review of 2001 by Samuel R. Delany
A Review of 2001 by Lester Del Rey
The Chicago Sun-Times 1968 Review of 2001by Roger Ebert
NPR covers a showing of Fear and Desire in New York
From 'The Daily Telegraph' (London) by Quentin Curtis
An article on Standly Kubrick from the Radio Times' (UK) June 1996 by Barry Norman
A review of The Shining(Excerpts) by Pauline Kael
A review of A Clockwork Orange by Pauline Kael
An interpretation of the theme of Native American Genocide in The Shining by Bill Blakemore
'Stanley Kubrick's Horror Show' an article on The Shining by Jack Kroll

Scripts & Transcripts

Dr. Strangelove... / Continuity Script
2001: A Space Odyssey / Original Screenplay (1965)
The Souvenir Program from the Cinerama Release of 2001
Anthony Burgess: The 21st Chapter of A Clockwork Orange
Full Metal Jacket / Original Screenplay
Eye's Wide Shut / Original Screenplay
"Super-Toys Last All Summer Long" by Brian Aldiss

Interviews & Depositions

Michel Ciment's three interviews with Stanley Kubrick
Kubrick's 1969 Interview with Joseph Gelmis
Strick & Houston's Interview with Kubrick
Penelope Gilliatt's Interview with Kubrick
Kubrick's Essay Words and Movies
Clarke's 2001 Diary (Excerpts) from The Lost Worlds of 2001
Anthony Burgess on A Clockwork Orange, excerts from his autobiography.
Ian Watson Plumbing Stanley Kubrick, full text of his Playboy article.
Frederick I. Ordway's 2001 in Retrospect
Kubrick's Notes on Film
The "Rolling Stone" Interview by Tim Cahill
Kubrick on Kieslowski: his Introduction to Decalogue
Michael Herr's Forward to Full Metal Jacket
Alex North's Comments on his own score for 2001
Terry Southern recalls Dr. Strangelove
Interviews with Kubrick's Colleagues by Michel Ciment
An Interview with Dan Richter
An Interview with Julian Senior
An Interview with documentary filmmaker Paul Joyce
Transcript of an interview about 2001 and The Shining with Jun'ichi Yao

Additional Resources

Frequently Given Answers

Awards and Nominations for Kubrick's Films
Dr. Strangelove on Criterion Video
The Big Picture: 2001 on Video
2001's Original Projection Formats
2001's Post-Premiere Edits
Gaffes & Glitches in 2001
The 2001 Soundtrack on Compact Disc
On Kubrick's Ban of ACO in the United Kingdom
On full metal jacket ammunition
The complete text of the Marine Corps Creed
Vacation at The 'Overlook' (The Timberline Lodge in Oregon)
A Complete Nadsat Glossary
The Zero Gravity Toilet Instructions from 2001
Regarding Paths of Glory's original 'Happy Ending'
Excerpts from A Theory of Play and Fantasy by Gregory Bateson
On the Community of Inquirers A Methodological Framing


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