The Shining

A picture of Elstree Studios

Stanley's parking space at Elstree Studios

Below are pictures of the rig setup for Stanley Kubrick in order to search quickly through dailies on "The Shining". These photos were taken when the same rig was used by Dede Allen (Dede Allen appears in the photos) and Craig McKay in the editing of "REDS". Remember this was way before any of the digital editing systems were invented. The system allowed easier access to vast quantities of film without having to thread up the sound and pic rolls on the Steenbeck everytime, just to see how someone read a particular line, on a particular take.

The rig used to transfer dailies to Beta tape on "The Shining"

The above rig with Dede Allen.

A closer view of the rig

The timecode camera

The Beta decks used to allow access to the vast amount of film shot on "The Shining"

The material on this page comes from film editor Raul Davalos' personal Kubrick collection
Note: All photos are Copyright of Raul Davalos.