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The Kubrick FAQ
  1.    The Shining: I noticed a helicopter shadow in the opening, is this a mistake?
  2.    Eyes Wide Shut: Why did Harvey Keitel leave the set?
  3.    The Shining: What is that strange Bear scene about (and is it a bear)?
  4.    Dr Strangelove : Does the Russian Ambassador actually speak in Russian?
  5.    2001: What does the Russian scientist Smyslov say on the space station?
  6.    2001: Could a human being survive exposure to a vacuum like Bowman did?
  7.    2001: What do the letters HAL stand for and is there a connection with IBM?
  8.    What film techniques did Kubrick pioneer?
  9.    Full Metal Jacket: Joker's desire to slip the tubesteak to cowboys sister
10.    The Shining: what is Danny Lloyd doing now?
11.    Why are Some Kubrick films only available "full frame" on VHS video, DVD and Laserdisc?
12.    A Clockwork Orange : Why wasn't it available in the UK for 27 years?
13.    Are there director's cuts of any Kubrick films?
14.    AI: What is known about Kubrick's original AI? What was it supposed to be about?
15.    AI: What's true and what's false with Kubrick's AI?
16.    Are there any other unfinished or abandoned projects that Kubrick worked on?
17.    2001: Can someone explain the ending?
18.    Does Kubrick make references to his own work in his films?
19.    Has Kubrick worked on any other films apart from his own?
20.    Eyes Wide Shut: What's the inspiration for the title?
21.    A Clockwork Orange :Why did Kubrick omit the last chapter?
22.    Can you suggest some good WWW links for Kubrick info?
23.    What's the best Biography of Kubrick?
24.    Is it true that.....?
..........Kubrick wouldn't fly ?
..........was a chess Grand Master?
..........was an obsessive perfectionist.
..........lived as a recluse?
25.    Did Kubrick make an appearance in any of his films a la Hitchcock?
26.    What films/filmmakers impressed Kubrick
27.    I heard Kubrick was a hard taskmaster. Did anyone work with him more than once?
28.    Did Kubrick ever take drugs?
29.    What is the "Kubrick Stare" and what films does it occur in?
30.    What documentaries are there about Kubrick?
31.    What directors did Kubrick try to support, and what advice did he offer to young filmmakers?
32.    What was Kubrick's screenwriting style?
33.    What was Kubrick's dispute with Punch magazine about?
34.    Is it true that Pink Floyd were asked to do the music for 2001?
35.    How did Kubrick die?
36.    Why did Kubrick use classical music for his films?
37.    Are Kubrick's films cold and unemotional?
38.    A Clockwork Orange: Are Lucas Spielberg remaking it?
39.    Did Kubrick have a preference for any aspect of the filmmaking process?
40.    what did Kubrick think of the education system?
41.    How did Kubrick see a directors role?
42.    What are some characteristics of Kubrick's direction of actors?
43.    What did Kubrick's colleagues think of him?
44.    Why did Kubrick live in the UK?
45.    What Kind of recognition did Kubrick get from his peers?
46.    What was the favourite Kubrick movie of other notable directors?
47.    What is the CRM-114 thing?
48.    Does anyone know anything about Kubrick's early film "World Assembly of Youth?
49.    What are Non-Submersible Units?
50.    Who was responsible for the digital censoring of Eyes Wide Shut?
51.    What happened to the models used in 2001?
52.    Why so many takes?


The Shining FAQ
  1.    What is the full cast and credit list? ?
  2.    Why did Kubrick want to make The Shining ?
  3.    What horror films did Kubrick like?
  4.    What horror themes and conventions are referenced in The Shining?
  5.    Who was Kubrick's co-writer on The Shining?
  6.    How does Stephen King feel about Kubrick's adaptation of his book?
  7.    How long did the film take to shoot?
  8.    Why are there two versions of The Shining? What was filmed but cut out?
  9.    Is it true that The Shining holds the record for the most takes of a scene in a film?
10.    Where were the Overlook hotel exteriors filmed and is it a real hotel?
11.    Were all the pages of Jack's "all work and no play" novel actually typed?
12.    Are there any connections between The Shining and Marshall McLuhan?
13.    What aspect ratio was The Shining filmed in?
14.    What are the references to Native Americans and what do they mean?
15.    What is "White Man's Burden?"
16.    How was the shot done, where Wendy and Danny are in the model maze?
17.    What's the significance of the maze?
18.    Why did Jack arm himself with and axe in the film, in the book he carries a roque mallet?
19.    What is meant by Kubrick's having Wendy read "Catcher in the Rye"?
20.    Why are there two Grady's?
21.    What is the meaning of things that seem to double in "The Shining"?
22.    What do people mean when they talk of hidden eyes in The Shining ?
23.    Why did the room number switch from 217 in the novel to 237 in the film?
24.    What is the purpose of number games 'The Shining
25.    Where was The Shining edited?
26.    How can I see Vivian Kubrick's "Making The Shining" documentary?
27.    Continuity errors in The Shining, are they deliberate?
28.    Who opened the pantry door?
29.    What is the music used at the end called?
30.    Why can't I buy the soundtrack album on CD and what is the track listing?
31.    Were the people in the end photograph extras?
32.    What does the ending mean?


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