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- A -
Abandoned projects - Kubrick's also rans?
A Clockwork Orange - see Clockwork Orange
Actors - characteristics of direction of
Advice - to young film makers?
AI - the story of Kubrick's film.
AI - rumour mill.
AI - exclusive pre-production sketch.
Aldiss, Brian and non-submersible units
All work and no play - was this phrase actually typed? Foreign language versions?
Appearences in films - Any Kubrick walk-ons?
Appearences in films - SK's breathing heard on the soundtrack of 2001
Aryan Papers - abandoned film project.
Aspect Ratio - the term defined (footnote).
Aspect Ratios - of Kubrick films.
Axe - Why does Jack arm himself with an axe in The Shining?
Awards - recognition of Kubrick and his films

- B -
Baxter, John - author: "Kubrick" biography
Baxter, John - On the sources for the existence of World Assembly of Youth
Bear Scene - in The Shining.
Biographiy - brief online biography
Biographies & Books on Kubrick - reviewed
Blakemore, Bill - Native American references in the Shining?
Blue Movie - abandoned film project.
Breathing - SK's breath heard on the soundtrack of 2001
Bryant (Peter) - aka Peter George
The Burning Secret - abandoned film project.

- C -
Candlelight - filming with.
<Catcher in the Rye - Why is Wendy reading this in The Shining?
Cameras - SK's favourite stills cameras - see Photography
Cameos - Any Kubrick walk-ons in any of his films?
Cause of death
Celebritiy intrusion - 'Stanley Kubrick Goes Shopping' - a new movie?
Chess - how good a player was Kubrick?
Classical music - why Kubrick used it
Classical Music - pioneering use of?
A Clockwork Orange - Lucas/Spielberg remake?
A Clockwork Orange - 27 year UK ban.
A Clockwork Orange - omission of last chapter.
Cold and unemotional - was he? Are his films?
Collaborators - see writers
Connections - in Kubrick films?
Continuity errors - is there a reason for the many continuity errors in The Shining?
CRM 114 - what is it?

- D -
Directors - Kubrick helped
Director's Cuts - of Kubrick films.
Director's role - how Kubrick saw it
Documentaries - On Kubrick
Documentary - A Life In Pictures
Doubling - The meaning of duality in The Shining?
Drugs - did Kubrick take them?
Dr. Strangelove - does Ambassador Sadesky's speak Russian?
Driving at 30 mph - is the rumour true?

- E -
Editing - Kubrick's opinion of
Editing - where was The Shining edited
Education System - Kubrick's opinion of
England - why Kubrick lived there
ESP - Kubrick's interest in
Eyes Wide Open - Raphael book
Eyes Wide Shut- inspiration for the title?
Eyes Wide Shut - cameo by KCKH (see cameo)

- F -
Fail Safe - Plagiarised Peter George's "Red Alert' source book for Dr Strangelove
Favourite part of film making process - The bit SK like best.
Favourite Kubrick film - the French magazine Positif's poll of other film directors
Favourite Films - Kubrick's favourite films by other directors
Filmography - listing of Kubrick's films
Fire - Fire in Elstree Studios during the making of The Shining?
Flying - fear of?
Foucault, Michel - French philosopher's thoughts on mazes?
Foucault's Pendulum - abandoned film project.
Freud, Sigmund - whose essay, "Das Unheimlich" was referred to writing The Shining.
Front Projection - pioneering use of.
Full Metal Jacket - tubesteak scene.

- G -
George (Peter) - aka Peter Bryant
The German Lieutenant - abandoned film project.
Grady - Why are there 2 Gradys in The Shining?

- H -
HAL - what do letters stand for?
HAL - is there a link with IBM?
Harris, Robert A. - on Spartacus (footnote).
Helicopter shadow - seen in the Shining
Herr, Michael - author: "Kubrick"
Hidden Eyes - presence and meaning in The Shining
Horror films - SK's favourites
Horror themes - referenced in the Shining
Howard, James - Author: "The Stanley Kubrick Companion"

- I -
Indians - Native American references in the Shining?
The Invisible Man - Documentary
I Stole 16 Million Dollars - abandoned film project.

- J -
Johnson, Diane - co writer of the Shining
Joyce, Paul - Documentary film maker
Joyce, Paul - Documentary film maker (ref#2)
Joyce Paul - Jonathan Finney's opinion of Joyce's Kubrick documentaries

- K -
Keitel, Harvey - why he left Eyes Wide Shut.
Kidman, Nicole - Explanation of why there were so many takes?
King, Steven - What he thought of the Shining
Kipling, Rudyard - White Man's Burden poem
Kubrick Documentary - A Life In Pictures
Kubrick Myths (see myths)
Kubrick sites on the web - recommendations
Kubrick, Vivian - Making the Shining

- L -
Last Exit to Brooklyn - abandoned film project.
The Last Parallel - abandoned film project.
Last Movie (The) - "Stanley Kubrick & Eyes Wide Shut" documentary
A Life In Pictures kubrick documentary
Links - to other Kubrick web pages
Lloyd, Danny - what's he doing now?
Lobrutto, Vincent - author: "Kubrick" biography

- M -
Making The Shining - Documentary
Making The Shining - Whose final cut? (Footnote)
Manifest Destiny - with reference to The Shining
Martin, Steve - prospective star of Traumnovelle?
Maze - How was the shot of Wendy and Danny in the model maze done?
Maze - What's the significance of the maze in The Shining?
McLuhan. Marshall - connection with the Shining?
McLuhan. Marshall - reaction to 2001?
Merchandising - pioneering use of on-screen merchandising in 2001
Models - What happened to the models used in 2001?
Morevek, Hans - an interview with the author about Kubrick's AI.
Motion Control - pioneering use of in 2001.
Music - What is the song at the end of The Shining?
Music - Track Listing for The Shining soundtrack?

- N -
Napoleon - abandoned film project.
Native Americans - references in the Shining?
Non-submersible units what are they?
Number games - in The Shining

- O -
Obsessive perfectionist - was he?
One Eyed Jacks - Kubrick's involvement.
Operation Mad Bulls - abandoned TV project.
Opinions of Kubrick - quotes from colleagues
Overlook - Is there a real Overlook Hotel?

- P -
Pantry door - who opened it?
The Passion Flower - abandoned film project.
Perfume - abandoned film project.
Pink Floyd - 2001 connection?
Planes - see travelling
Punch Magazine - legal dispute with
Perfume - abandoned film project.

- Q -

- R -
Radio - SK's provides the voices in Full Metal Jacket and the Shining
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Did a fire in Elstree Studios effect this production?
Raphael, Frederic - author: "Eyes Wide Open"
Recluse - was he?
Red Alert - by Peter Bryant, sorcebook for Dr Stranglove aka "Two Hours to Doom"
Recognition - placing in prestigious Cinémathèque Royal poll
Record - Does The Shining hold the record for the most takes of a scene?
Room 237 - Why does the room number change in the film?
Rumour - why Harvey Keitel left Eyes Wide Shut.
Rumours about Kubrick - are they true or false?
Russian - does Ambassador Sadesky's speak Russian in Dr Strangelove?
Russian - what do the scientists say in 2001?

- S -
Screenplays - Kubrick screenwriting style and attitude to
Schindler's Ark - abandoned film project.
Self referential - connections in Kubrick films?
The 7th Virgina Cavalry Raider - abandoned film project.
The Shadow Knows - abandoned film project.
The Shining - what's Danny doing now?
The Shining - about the helicopter shadow.
The Shining - meaning of the bear scene.
The Shining - Why did SK want to make it
The Shining - how long did it take to shoot
The Shining - why are there 2 versions and what are the differences?
The Shining - Were the people in the photograph extras?
The Shining - What does the ending mean?
Short films - see film
Soundtrack - Why can't I buy The Shining soundtrack?
Spartacus - the restoration (footnote).
The Spy Who Loved Me - Kubrick's involvement.
Stainforth, Gordon - contribution to Shining FAQ
Stanley Kubrick Director - book
Stare - crazy Kubrick stare
Steadicam - pioneering use of.

- T -
Takes - Does The Shining hold the record for the most takes?
Takes Nicole Kidmn's explanation of why there were so many takes?
Traumnovelle - abandoned film project.
Trees - see neighbour
Tubesteak - the meaning of the scene in Full Metal Jacket.
2001 - explain the ending?
2001 - is exposure to a vacuum survivable?
2001 - HAL & IBM?
2001 - What happened to the models and props?
2001 - techniques pioneered for.
2001 - what do the Russian scientists say?
2001 Record - in A Clockwork Orange?
Tyrant myth - Did anyone work for him more than once?

- U -
Unheimlich (Uncanny) - Essay by Sigmund Freud
UK - Why Kubrick lived there

- V -
Vacuum - is exposure to it survivable?
Vivian Kubrick - Making the Shining

- W -
Walker, Alexander - author: "Stanley Kubrick Director"
Web Pages - links to other Kubrick sites
White Man's Burden - meaning of the phrase
Widescreen - why not with Kubrick films?
Work on other films - Kubrick's moonlighting CV
World Assembly of Youth - The truth about Kubrick's lost film

- X -

- Y -

- Z -


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